From game to grab to physical piece

We thought we’d show a little case-study of how easy it’s been to take a piece from game to print.

In May, we teamed up with Payload Studios to run a “Win a print” competition for their game, Terratech. The idea was to have players design a vehicle in game, and through votes, a winner would be chosen and printed in steel. A great many designs were submitted, but when the dust settled and the votes were tallied, Terratech player reaperx1’s design, “Bug Eye” won:

From there, we generated (by one click using our game plugin, GrabIt) a fully 3d capture of “Bug Eye”, which you can see and rotate here:

From that grab, we used our software RenderFab to join all the pieces together, make sure the models were watertight, and perform all of the common fixes required to 3D print. This gives us a full colour model of the item, ready to print through 3D print services like shapeways and materialise, or via a home or office 3D printer.
One industrial 3d printer later, and we have the finished print – which was sent on to the winner reaperx1!

Since it was such an excellent design, we also printed it for ourselves in coloured sandstone!

We think this demonstrates how massively powerful our technology is – and it doesn’t just end at games! We’re also exploring 3d product displays using the GrabIt website, medical applications with RenderFab and other uses for both GrabIt and RenderFab. If you’d like to know more about either technology, or to explore opportunities, drop us a line!