How can we trim Elmo?

Elmo Whispering Gibbon

Elmo, as you may have read from previous blogs, came from Willowbog who have been providing an excellent centre in Northumberland for the beautiful and fascinating art of Bonsai for 10 years. Elmo is the main helper in our task to create an eye catching and visually rich 3D garden in which you can cultivate the most extraordinary Bonsai.

We have been caring for Elmo and examining his growth for some time. He is a Chinese Elm Bonsai measuring 42cm in height. Unfortunately, our offices in Newcastle city centre do not quite mirror the beautiful Zen Garden we are trying to create. Therefore we chose Elmo as he is one of the few breeds of Bonsai who can survive indoors.

As you can see from the picture we need to trim Elmo and we were wondering if any of you had some ideas on where to start?

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